Vanhan paukun tie 1

Old Paukku's culture centre

62100 Lapua, Finland

Phone / (+358) 44 978 7001 /Elina

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Opening hours


16 - 24 (02.00*)


16 - 24 (02.00*)

* If there are enough buzz going on

In other times by reservations only.

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About the brewery restaurant


The Mallaskuu brewery set up a brewery restaurant because regional development required growth..... Yeah right... A brewery restaurant was established because every self-respecting brewery must have one, and at the same time, they wanted to build a place in Lapua, where everyone could enjoy themselves in the same way as in their own living room.

At first there was lunch served, well it didn't pull off, so it was replaced by game consoles, a larger beer offering, a higher quality menu and a more subtle smile. In addition to the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the weekends, we can also booked for your own occasions. From morning to night, everything from meetings to stag parties will be a success, as long as you give our Elina a little notice in advance.

Contact us!

If you have larger amount of people coming to eat at once, just tip the kitchen little bit advance. Just drinking doesn't require any action, we have a quick tap and a fast bartender!